Tips and Tricks for PlayStation 4

Tips and Tricks for PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4, commonly referred to as PS4 is one of the best consoles we have. It allows players access to games such as Killzone, Driveclub, and Bloodborne.

What are some of the helpful tips that make operating PS4 easy? Here are a few of them. It is important to note that the tips will not make you a pro at playing Dark Souls 3. Instead, it will be a learning process on how to send a message faster or share the screen shots in the shortest time possible.

Did you know you can be a PS4 play master without spending the weekend reading the PS4 manual? Here is our ultimate list of PS4 tips and tricks that will leave your friends green with envy.

Use any headphones

Any other headphones, besides the gaming headphones, can be uses to enjoy the wireless gaming sound. There is a feature that allows and sends all chat and game audios via the headphones to the controller. Most headphones have this feature. It may not be possible with Apple headphones.

Go to: settings- sounds and screen-Audio Output Setting-Output to headphones-all audio instead of Chat audio

Fixing PS4 scratches

The PS4 scratches easily, especially on the glossy hard drive. Despite taking great care, wiping it with a dusting rag may result in small scratches.

The Meguilar Scratch X 2.0 is an automotive product that is used to buff out most of the scratches in no time. It takes a few applications but it is cheaper than purchasing a replacement cover.

Using PS4 remote play

One can use the PS Vita to play the PS4 games while on the move. The PS4 controller may be used too. Better still, it can be played on Android phone too.

Using custom keyboards

PS4 allows easy messaging thanks to the custom keyboard option. All that is needed is your phone and PS4 to be on the same Wi-Fi network and same PSN ID. Select the second screen, create a custom keyboard and message without interrupting the game.


PlayStation 4 has a wide range of features. Switching between the features is pretty hard. However, there is a way to beat the system. Double tap the PS home button and switching between the most recently used apps become easy.

The next time you play PS4, apply the tricks mentioned above. Be sure to enjoy every second of the gaming experience.

Tips and Tricks About Sony laptops

It is no doubt that the SONY Corporation are in the market to give their customers the best experiences from consuming their products. Whether it is for work, school or leisure purposes, Sony laptops will give you the best results. In getting your best fit, it is wise to consider some tricks and tips of these Sony laptops. Including:

Choosing an ideal screen. Sony laptops have different screen sizes, the ranges are; 11.6-13.3, 14-15.5, and 17-24 inches. All these size ranges depends with user’s preference. For portability issue, the smaller screened laptops with light weight are more preferable. However, the wide screen offers better resolution especially for the impaired vision persons.

Sony laptops performance factor. Performance refers to the processor and the PC disk drive.


The processor is the heart of a PC because it controls the running of applications. Processors differ in the running rates of applications. The ranges are; core i7, core i5 and i3. The core i7 is the best because it is faster and can accommodate any kind of application that the user is running. On the other hand the core i3 is the slowest, hence cannot be able to accommodate other bulky software and applications.

The Sony PC storage drive.

The best drive boosts your PC‘s performance, in consideration, we have; the hard disk drive (HHD) and the solid state drive (SSD). The SSD drive offers the best performance since, there are minimal risks of crashing because it is intact and there are no risks due to reduced movement unlike the HHD. There is also reduced heating since there are no movements thus increasing the drive lifespan. The SSD also has a high copy speed and a large space to store your files unlike the HHD.

The Sony form factor.

Sony users may appreciate the form factor of the PC. To name them; we have tablet PC, convertibles and all-in-one Sony desktop. All these provides specific appreciation to the user. The all-in-one desktop has improved hardware features while the tablet PC is flexible. Any user with the goal of having a portable and simple laptop will go for the tablet PC because it’s flexible.

The battery life.

The lifespan of the Sony laptops is big. However, this will depend on the user maintenance. Maintain the battery by not overcharging and cleaning the battery contacts will be an added advantage to your PC’s battery lifespan.

Why Choose the Nikon Cameras

Ever since we transitioned into the age of digital photography, the two most significant players have been Nikon and Canon. Nikon can trace its roots back to 1917, when three Japanese optical companies merged to form the digital photography giant. And this is what the company is famous for: optical lenses. While there is a long line of remarkable cameras behind their name, the lenses they produce are extraordinary. The big question is: why should you choose Nikon cameras? Read on to find out.

Nikon digital cameras can be grouped into two categories, depending on their sensor size, APS-C format, or full frame. Nikon full frame cameras are known as FX models, and come with sensors that are similar in size as a 36x24mm (35mm) film frame. DX or APS-C format cameras on the other hand, have a slightly smaller sensor at 15.6×23.5mm.

The advantage of full frame cameras is that they tend to have larger photo receptors (or pixels) as compared to APS-C format sensors. This means that they have a better ability to gather light, which affects image quality positively. The larger sensors are also easier at controlling depth of field for background blur and creative effects.

Previously, full-frame DSLRs were reserved for professional photographers, but there are certain models today that are targeted at enthusiast photographers. These include the Nikon D750 and D610. While Nikon once used to produce pro-grade DX format cameras, it has not unleashed a high end model for almost five years now, after producing the D300s. However, they have recently introduced some DX format cameras
aimed at enthusiast and beginner photographers.

DX camera bodies have a lower price tag than FX cameras, but Nikon still manages to incorporate a plethora of advanced features into their standard compact design. What’s more, since an APS-C format sensor requires a smaller image circle than a full frame camera, standard zoom and wide-angle lenses also tend to come in smaller sizes for more convenient traveling.

If you are an enthusiast wildlife or sport photographer, you will like DX format cameras as their comparatively dense 70 to 300 mm zoom lenses are almost as effective as the bigger and cumbersome super telephoto lenses, for instance a 150 to 500 mm optic lens on a full frame body.

Bottom line

From exotic, powerful cameras to entry level, novice-friendly bodies, the current Nikon digital camera range offers some great models to pick from. As of this writing, Nikon has four cameras that will give you a great bang for your buck: the D7100, D90, D5200, and D3200